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Hollow Fiber Filter Modules

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Tangential Flow Microfiltration and Ultrafiltration Filters

MicroKros® Filter Modules
for volumes of 1ml-100ml
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MidiKros® Filter Modules
for volumes of 100ml-3L
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MidiKros TC Filter Modules
for volumes of 100ml- 3L
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MiniKros® Sampler Filter Modules
for volumes of 3L-15L
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MiniKros Filter Modules
for volumes of 5L-50L
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KrosFlo® Filter Modules
for volumes of 10L-100L
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KrosFlo Max Filter Modules
for volumes of 100L-1000L+
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Single-Use Hollow Fiber Filters for Tangential Flow Filtration have significant advantages over traditional dead end filters and membrane cassette filters. Spectrum's hollow fiber membranes are anisotropic in structure. UF membranes have a high density skin layer for less fouling and a fairly open outer support structure for increased filtration rates. MF membranes have a retention defining microporous outer skin and a more open inner layer for increased filtration with higher recoveries. The filter housings are engineered to handle higher pressures and autoclaving. With Spectrum's Single-Use Hollow Fiber Filters total development and production costs are decreased through the combination of faster processing times, decreased labor costs associated with filter cleaning for re-use and a reduction in the use of costly WFI water. Low protein binding increases the product yield of each processing run. Single-Use eliminates the need for costly stainless steel systems and increases manufacturing flexibility.

Advantages of Single-Use Filters

  • Easier FDA Validation
  • Saves Money & Time
  • No Cross-Contamination
  • Less Down-Time
  • Low Shear
  • Directly Scalable for Production
  • Easy Retrofit for other HF Filter Modules

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