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Spectra/Por® Dialysis Kit

with Assorted Biotech RC Membranes

The Spectra/Por Dialysis Kit features Biotech Grade Regenerated Cellulose (RC) dialysis tubing in 3 different MWCO's and all the accessories required for a complete dialysis package. Instead of guessing the MWCO, the Membrane Kit is the perfect solution for dialysis applications in which there is either a range of solute sizes or the solute size is unknown.

The Spectra/Por Membrane Kit includes:

1.5 meters of Biotech RC Tubing (6 mm flat width) in 3 MWCO's:

0.5 m of 3.5-5 kD Biotech RC
0.5 m of 8-10 kD Biotech RC
0.5 m of 20 kD Biotech RC

7 Spectra/Por Closures

3 Standard
3 Weighted
1 Magnetic-Weighted

1 Spectra/Por Dialysis Reservoir (2400 ml) with stir bar

Product No.Description가격

132000Spectra/Por Dialysis Kit with Assorted Biotech RC Membrane의뢰 


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