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Other Chromatography Products

Other Chromatography Products

In addition to our column chromatography products, we also manufacture other items as adjuncts. These include:

Spectra/Chrom® Ion Exchange Resins

Spectra/Chrom Ion Exchange Resins are durable, insoluble, and compatible with most aqueous and organic solvents. They are ideally suited for protein purification, antibody isolation, and peptide fractionation as well as traditional inorganic ion exchange.

Spectra Mesh® Woven Mesh Products

Spectra Mesh woven mesh products are used as the bed supports in our chromatography columns. Each column has a 2-layer support, a 50 micron disperser covered by the actual 10 micron bed support. Both the 50 micron and 10 micron meshes are also available in bulk.

Products for Thin Layer Chromatography

In additional to our products for open column chromatography, we also make a variety of accessories for thin layer chromatography. These include a developing tank, glass support rods, and the omnipresent Spectra/Chrom clips.
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